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Burger King Slashes Price of Chicken Nuggets

Starting today, Burger King Worldwide Inc. is giving guests a menu favorite for a low price. For a limited time only, Burger King 10-piece Chicken Nuggets are available for only $1.49. Made with white meat and battered in a home-style seasoned breading, chicken nuggets pair with any signature BK dipping sauce including BBQ, honey mustard, ranch, zesty, buffalo, and sweet and sour.

Burger King’s Big Move

Miami-based burger giant merges with Canadian brand Tim Hortons to spur global growth.

In a move that shook the fast-food industry earlier this week, Burger King announced its official merger with Canadian coffee-and-doughnuts concept Tim Hortons. The new company, to be headquartered in Canada, will be the third-largest quick-service company in the world, with more than 18,000 locations across 100 countries and nearly $23 billion in sales.

Burger King, Tim Hortons Seal the Deal on Merger

An agreement was reached to create the world’s third largest quick-service restaurant company. Tim Hortons Inc. and Burger King Worldwide Inc. announced a definitive agreement under which the two companies will create a new global powerhouse in the quick-service restaurant sector. With approximately $23 billion in system sales, over 18,000 restaurants in 100 countries, and two strong, independent brands, the new company will have an extensive international footprint and significant growth potential.

Burger King Gives Fans What They Want: Chicken Fries

Back by popular demand, Burger King’s Chicken Fries, which originally launched in 2005, will return nationwide for a limited time at participating restaurants. Sparked by an overwhelming number of enthusiastic tweets, Change.org petitions, dedicated Tumblr and Facebook pages, and phone calls from devoted fans, these voices are the reason this cult favorite menu item is back. Since Chicken Fries were taken off the Burger King menu in 2012, the ongoing guest outcries reached a point where they could no longer be ignored.

The Way to a Good Slogan

Burger King unveiled a new slogan, “Be Your Way,” along with a marketing campaign targeted at the Millennial generation. While the new tagline is similar to the brand’s longstanding, iconic “Have It Your Way” slogan, experts say it reflects a new focus on customers’ way of life rather than the chain’s food and service.

Burger King Brings Back Subservient Chicken

Burger King

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It’s the 10 year anniversary of the Subservient Chicken, and Burger King announced he’s back. Subservient Chicken will be making a return in a digital short film, marking the launch of the new Chicken Big King Sandwich. An internet sensation and technological breakthrough for its time in 2004, the chicken followed user commands in real time and reached hundreds of millions of online views. Ten years since his debut, the chicken who was previously subservient is back and turning the tables, encouraging fans to be their own way.

A Picture of Health

Fast food gets a bad rap. The industry is actively cutting back on calories, sodium, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and other ingredient components that are detrimental to nutrition, but consumers and watchdogs alike are still quick to point fingers when the nation’s health woes come under debate.

Mobile Goes Mainstream

McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s all experimenting with mobile payments.

Quick service restaurants roll out smart phone app payment options for customers
Wendy's is expanding its mobile payment options to more U.S. markets throughout 2014.

In the post-recession economy, major quick-service players are still struggling to find new ways to drive traffic and capture the attention and loyalty of the all-important Millennial consumer.

Now some of the biggest brands in the business, including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King, think they’ve found the way to do it: mobile payments.