Bread & Company

Rise and Shine, Fast Casuals

Seven years ago, at the height of the Atkins craze, our sales were down especially at breakfast. Our amazing artisan breakfast pastries and breads stayed on the shelves. And our customers stayed at home instead of just coming in to get the specialty coffee drink that had accompanied their breakfasts.

These customers often picked up grab-and-go sandwiches and salads while in the store making their other purchases, so categories beyond breakfast were hurting too. Then eggs came to the rescue.

How to Do it Right: Hiring

The battle to hire and keep the best people starts with the first time you have contact with prospective employees. Customers of the best fast-casual operators expect more in terms of food and service than what they get from competitors in other segments. 

This poses a great challenge for us in the segment, as employees have the opportunity to make more money working for mediocre casual-dining chains because of the tipping model. But we can beat that.