Archived Programs

QSR Drive-Thru Performance Study: Behind the Numbers

Each year QSR magazine and Insula Research team up to study a benchmark group of quick-service chains that are historically top performers in the drive-thru business. This in-depth study, which is powered by thousands of visits to drive-thrus across the country, produces valuable insight into what is and isn't working in the drive-thru.

We'd like to invite you to join us for a complimentary webinar focusing on the most recent results of the study. In this program, we'll cover:

  • The most important findings from the study, including speed of service, order accuracy, customer service, and other key categories
  • Best practices in the drive-thru business, as told to QSR magazine by real, successful operators
  • How your brand can become involved in the study in the future


And much more.



5 Reasons Your Loyalty Program is Underperforming
(And how to get your customers happily spending more money than ever before)

It's no secret that customer retention is important. Loyal customers visit more frequently and continually spend more as they grow trust in a business. Still, most businesses lose 15-20% of their customers annually. What are the secrets to getting your customers happily visiting more frequently and spending more money than ever before? And how do you accurately measure your return on investment down to the penny?

Join Laura Radewald, CMO of Dunn Bros Coffee, and Michael Hagan, COO of LevelUp, as they reveal the tips and tricks that will dramatically impact your customers' purchasing behavior if done correctly.

Michael and Laura will cover:

  • The most commonly underestimated flaw of almost every loyalty program
  • The number one most important factor to motivating customer behavior
  • The principles of the ideal loyalty program
  • Key practices for how you can execute the ideal loyalty program in your own restaurant
  • How Dunn Bros overcame their loyalty program's challenges and increased customer spend by 10%


Don't miss this opportunity to learn what it takes to completely change the way your customers spend money at your business.



How to Save 20% (Or More!) on Shipping

The quick-service restaurant industry is facing significant supply chain challenges from thousands of locations and multiple vendors shipping across thousands of shipping lanes. Not to mention the fact that we are faced with consumers who demand new products and fresh Limited-Time Offers almost on a weekly basis.

That makes for big dollars spent on shipping. But what to do about it?

In this webinar, you'll learn how Spend Management Experts can bring a transparency to shipping costs that can lead to 20%—or even more—in savings. SME offers a zero-risk analysis to shippers to determine if savings exist in their carrier relationships. If so, SME is only paid as a backend percentage of the savings.