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Tuesday, August 18, 2015 | 2:00 PM Eastern


Mobile has the ability to empower brands to follow their consumers along their purchase journey. But what points are most vital? And how do you connect the dots between mobile advertising, mobile consumers, and their purchasing behavior?

Hear from mobile marketing experts Michael Becker of mCordis and Chuck Moxley of 4INFO about what it takes to successfully map the mobile customer journey. They will identify the moments that matter, what breakthroughs brands and agencies can use to capitalize on these moments, and which measurement solutions can be used to gauge overall effectiveness. Among the topics covered:

  • Why physical and digital touch points along the customer journey are vital to mobile advertisers

  • Learning styles of Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers compared

  • The five questions advertisers can now answer, thanks to mobile

  • Recent case studies demonstrating the benefits of a fully formed mobile strategy


Michael J. Becker, Cofounder & Managing Partner, mCordis

At mobile marketing consultancy mCordis, Michael advises marketers, agencies, and technology vendors on mobile and digital marketing and positioning. He previously worked with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). Michael was awarded the 2014 Marketing EDGE Edward Mayer Education Leadership Award for his commitment to marketing education.

Chuck Moxley, Chief Marketing Officer, 4INFO

Chuck Moxley brings more than 25 years of experience in advertising and direct marketing. Serving in senior executive roles on both the brand side and with agencies, he offers unique perspective that spans advertising, direct marketing, and media.


Archived Programs


Surprising Secrets Behind Today's Most Successfull Quick-Service Brands

Benchmark studies are valuable tools for understanding how your brand measures up against the competition, but there's always more to the story than just the numbers. InMoment's recent quick-service restaurant study takes you inside and beyond the rankings to explore why long-standing satisfaction drivers are now shifting. Join Sandra Tamburino, InMoment's Vice President of Marketing Insights and Engagement, to look at some secret ingredients behind today's wildly successful quick-serve brands.


Sandra Tamburino, Vice President, Marketing Insights & Engagement, InMoment

Sandra Tamburino is a business practice leader in marketing insights and leads a practice within InMoment focusing on measurement, statistical analyses, and data visualization. With more than 15 years of experience in designing, executing, and analyzing both employee and customer measurement programs, Sandra and her team of statistical modelers and data mining experts focus on business insights for multi-unit retail, banking, and restaurant clients. They apply both descriptive and advanced statistical techniques to determine how disparate business facts about Product & Service Quality, Leadership, Competitiveness, Employee Readiness, and Brand Affinity are interrelated and link to business performance.


Satisfy Consumer Desire for Better Takeout Packaging: Valuable Insights from a New Consumer Research Report


A brand-new study from Pennsylvania State University has revealed valuable insights into consumer preference and behavior regarding takeout packaging. This webinar will discuss the findings of the Penn State report, and reveal how brands can increase satisfaction by offering their customers better protection against oil and grease.

With 67% of consumers reporting they have had their clothes and cars stained by greasy fast food containers—and 32% of them saying they won't return to the place where this happens—it’s time for brands to take their to-go packaging to the next level and drive deeper loyalty.


William Kuecker, MWV

William Kuecker is a nationally respected marketer with over 20 years of highly successful business-to-business marketing experience. He started his career with the national Beef Checkoff Program, developing statewide consumer, retail, and foodservice marketing programs during the development and rollout of the iconic "Beef, it’s what’s for dinner" advertising campaign. Other experience includes marketing director and director of Pork Scientific Affairs for the National Livestock and Meat Board and retail food packaging (and later foodservice) marketing and business development at Cryovac.

Erin Weinland, MWV

Erin believes that packaging is the voice of the brand. At MWV she serves as the voice of the consumer. A deep understanding of needs and behaviors is what drives Erin’s passion for finding the harmony between those two voices. Currently, Erin leads consumer and customer insights for MWV’s food and beverage marketing and commercial teams. Erin has over 15 years of experience leading primary consumer research around the world.

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