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When the Best Defense is an Amazing Offense: How Flawless and Profitable Execution will Decide Who Wins in Today's Quick-Serve Battlefield

Quick-service restaurants are under siege, fighting against unprecedented competitive pressures. On one side, convenience stores and grocers are selling grab-and-go packaged foods and fresh items with equal speed. On the other, new quick serves are springing up left and right with new promotions and competitive pricing. What's an operator to do?

The answer is to do what quick serves have always done best. Diverse menus, fresh food, fast service, and clean stores are no surprises, but now it is all about how well the business is executed. And it all must be rendered profitably—with no room for error. Your workforce must be fully mobilized and as productive as possible.

During this webinar, attendees will learn how hyper-execution starts with the optimal integration of workforce management, mobility technologies, employee task management, and site management software.

Far from another boring technology overview, this program will focus on trends and pain points of the quick-serve industry, and how operators can squeeze greater efficiencies and productivities—and, ultimately, greater profit—in this chaotic era of static budgets, increasing costs, multi-directional competitive pressure, and increased government regulation.



Turning Customer Feedback Into Growth: Taco John's Shares How Guest Surveys Help Build Business

Taco Johns, one of the largest quick-service Mexican restaurant brands in the United States, sought to enhance its customers' service expectations as a part of its overall brand re-launch this past summer. If you're looking for insight into how the brand successfully achieved its objective, join us for this free webinar as Shawn Eby, vice president for operations at Taco John's, explores:

The process he and his team embarked upon to identify the needs they faced in cultivating a guest-centric culture.

The steps Taco John's used to determine which technologies and partnerships they sought to grow for the future.

How he and his team are turning the real-time feedback of Taco John's guests into meaningful actions to guarantee outstanding service experiences.



Finding the Perfect Fit: How Choosing the Correct Fixture for the Job Can Save Your Operation Water, Energy, and Labor

Join T&S Brass for an informative webinar about valuable lessons learned in the application of critical plumbing fixtures in today's commercial kitchens. Water conservation expert Ken Gallagher will share personal insights gathered from real-world T&S site visits and water audits in the quick-service restaurant market—demonstrating the significant savings that can be realized by selecting the correct equipment specifically designed for a particular job.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear from an industry leader about the benefits of choosing the ideal product for your application as he shares examples from actual quick-service restaurant kitchens.