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Tuesday, June 24, 2014 | 1:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 AM Pacific

So-so service from so-so hires can take your brand from great to irrelevant, especially when Yelp and Facebook are just a tap away. But wowing your customers starts with wowing your candidates--and there are four key moments in your hiring experience when you can turn it from "eh" to "Awesome!"

In this program:

  • Find out the four hiring moments that matter most to making an awesome impression
  • Learn specific tips and best practices for capitalizing on these four "Big Bang" moments
  • Discover just how much recruiting's changed with Gen Y and how you can keep up
  • See online hiring tools that can increase applicant quality 11 percent and overall efficiency 77 percent


Archived Programs

Mobile Payments: How to Avoid the Mistakes Big Brands Are Making

While big brands continue to fuss with mobile payment programs that leverage clunky pre-funded payment sources and pay-by-pin functionality, Chop't Creative Salad Company has successfully implemented a mobile payment solution that works seamlessly and effortlessly.

Change is here, and restaurants who fail to adapt to customer expectations of mobile payments and online ordering risk losing their business to better prepared competitors.

But the point of going mobile isn't merely to "keep up." If done correctly, a mobile payment solution can help businesses improve operational efficiency, create a convenient guest experience, and drive revenue.

Join Lysa Chen, Marketing Director of Chop't, and Michael Hagan, COO of LevelUp, as they share insights into:

  • Why mobile payments
  • What the major brands have been doing wrong
  • How to master customer adoption
  • How to drive revenue through mobile payments
  • The best practices Chop't uses that you can adopt for your brand



Diversifying Your Dessert Menu With Soft Serve

The popularity of soft-serve desserts is at an all-time high, and indulgent soft-serve products like gelato, ice cream, sorbet, and frozen custard are catching the attention of both consumers and foodservice operators nationwide. And while self serve is what helped to skyrocket soft-serve sales to what they are today—seeing an annual growth rate of more than 20 percent—there are many other revenue-generating ways for quick-service restaurants to take advantage of the growing soft-serve market.

Don't miss out on this important session, which will help you learn how quick-service restaurants are taking advantage of the current soft-serve dessert trends by tapping into both the health-conscious and the indulgent market segments.



The Realities of EMV and Its Role in Multi-Layered Data Security

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express have all announced plans for EMV migration in the U.S. Like many other merchants, you might not see the value of developing the capability to support EMV. But in about 18 months, credit card companies will implement a liability shift for merchants who aren't prepared—meaning you, as a merchant, would be liable for any security breaches.

Given this coming change, it would be good to learn what EMV can and can't do to improve data security, and how to get yourself prepared.

This upcoming webinar, sponsored by Merchant Link and Coalfire, will help you do exactly that, as our panel discusses the realities of EMV and data security and why a multi-layered approach is important.