Innovation in Convenience

1st place:

Gala Cocktail Plates

Eco-Products, Inc.

The entry:

Gala Cocktail Plates feature a patented finger grip that allows party-goers to hold food and drink in one hand while simultaneously being able to eat and greet with the other. Gala plates are versatile and can be used with virtually any size drinkware, stemware, can, or bottle, and can be used left- or right-handed and fit any finger size. They are available in sugarcane from Eco-Products and in black, white, and clear polystyrene from WNA. The sugarcane plates are BPI-certified compostable, and the polystyrene plates can be custom decorated with the patent-pending Signatures technology.

The plate was tested in focus group sessions at Catersource and received positive responses. The majority of users said they were likely to use this plate for an event, and 71 percent of respondents could think of an occasion where they’d like to custom decorate this plate.

Judge’s comment:

The Gala Cocktail Plates stood out for their simplicity and effectiveness. They seem to be the perfect solution to the problem of trying to hold a drink and enjoy food while also networking at a reception or gathering. They also included easy-to-understand instructions right on the packaging, which added a playful touch. Overall, they were functional, convenient, and a great conversation starter.

2nd place:

WingStreet Sauce-in-Bowl, Yum! Brands

3rd place:

Regalia Bowl Inserts, Eco-Products, Inc.