Special Honorable Mention

Numi Bamboo Tea Caddy

Numi Organic Tea

Numi Organic Tea submitted entries for both its cardboard corrugated tea boxes and bamboo tea caddy for consideration in the category Innovation in Sustainability. After careful deliberation, the judges determined that the Numi entries did not qualify under the terms of the category, primarily because the packaging involved wasn’t “new.”

Nonetheless, the panel was impressed with what Numi was doing and wanted to recognize the entries as a combined entity with a special Honorable Mention.

Said one judge:

“While its package doesn’t necessarily show innovation in sustainability as far as material selection, it has a strong environmental and social sustainability story. Numi partners with Community Gatepath, where adults with disabilities help package the teas. It also sources from fair-trade gardens that focus on their people, including livable wages. Numi also puts forth efforts to be transparent in its sustainability efforts, with on-package information along with the source of that information. It dedicates significant package space to communicate these goals and efforts.”

That’s worthy of attention.

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