Performance Innovation

1st place:

Pie Container – Specialty Application

WNA, Inc. (a division of The Waddington Group)

The entry:

A bakery processor came to WNA for help with solving a problem it had with its pie containers: Condensation would build up on the inside of the container when it went from being in a freezer to a refrigerator. After reviewing the product, the customer’s process, and the problem, WNA’s engineers were able to develop a solution. Using advanced technology, they modified the part design, allowing moisture to escape the container during the freeze-and-thaw process. With the new design and without impacting the integrity of the part, this innovation helped considerably reduce condensation build-up.

The customer was extremely pleased with the solution. Testing the container with its product and process showed that it drastically reduced the condensation build-up, thus solving the problem.

Judge’s comment:

TThis is a true example of manufacturing performance innovation in the way in which the package allows the condensation to be released from the pie. It’s a great instance of supply chain partners collaborating to develop a new, innovative package that meets the needs of both the operator and customer.

2nd place:

Six Compartment Catering Tray, Eco-Products, Inc.

3nd place:

Regalia Serving Spoon, Eco-Products, Inc.