Innovation in Convenience

1st Place

Hold&Go® 4-in-1 Lid

International Paper

The entry:

“This product line features a unique stair-step design that allows one common lid to fit multiple beverage sizes, including 12-, 16-, 20-, and 24-ounce cups. This can reduce the number of SKUs foodservice operations must order and store down to one, reducing potential waste and shrinkage. The lids also produce an audible ‘snap’ sound to confirm a secure fit and are available in dome sipper and lock-back dome sipper styles.”

Judge’s comment:

“This is a very clever, simple way to reduce in-store clutter and inventory, while making it easy for customers to always choose the right lid.”


WorldView 7-in. 3-Compartment Take-Out Container

Eco-Products, Inc.

Judge’s comment:

“The Taco Tray covers all the bases. It is highly functional, visually pleasing, enhances appetite appeal, and has strong sustainability benefits.”