Excellence in New Menu Launch

1st Place

Chef Pack

Chef Pack

The entry:

“Starbucks set out to launch a gluten-free sandwich that could be heated in its own packaging to mitigate any cross-contamination from gluten-containing sandwiches. Starbucks and Chef Pack did this right by introducing an individually wrapped item prepared in a sealed bag and handed to the consumer without being opened. Chef Pack’s packaging breakthrough provided a truly gluten-free experience to the celiac community. The packaging parameters for Starbucks’ gluten-free breakfast sandwich rollout included the ability to cook in a high temperature oven at 520 degrees Fahrenheit; that packaging must remain sealed during the entire life cycle of the product; and that it is compostable and recyclable.”

Judge’s comment:

“The closed-package concept supports Starbucks’ goal of serving a truly gluten-free product and eliminating cross-contamination. The design is simple yet durable, and gives consumers with allergies and dietary restrictions reassurance that the sandwich is safe to eat.”


Not awarded.