Join editors Sam Oches and Nicole Duncan on Facebook Live at 3 p.m. as we review the headlines from the week that was and discuss all things quick service.
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This afternoon, we’re launching our first Facebook Live series, “The Weekly Serving with QSR.” Join editors Sam Oches and Nicole Duncan at 3 p.m. as we review the headlines from the week that was and discuss all things quick service. Want to ask us a question about the news, the industry, or the...
Human Resources
The “Help Wanted” sign is a permanent fixture at Pork & Mindy’s. The three-unit, Chicago-based fast-casual barbecue concept is always looking to hire regardless of whether vacancies even exist. “That’s one thing I implemented early on,” says Kevin Corsello, founder and CEO. “I didn’t want to...
The restaurant industry has experienced a rough year when it comes to sales and performance. But thanks to a positive fourth quarter, things are on the rise.
The restaurant industry received a jolt of good news in the fourth quarter. Same-store sales increased 0.4 percent, marking the first quarter of growth in the last two years, according to TDn2K’s The Restaurant Industry Snapshot. In November, the industry reported positive momentum for the second...
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Employees prepare pizza at Uncle Maddio's new service line in Georgia, showcasing the restaurant chain's fresh design and commitment to the customer experience.
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As QSR reported earlier this month: From the "Big Four"—Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Domino's, and Little Caesars—to new fast-casual upstarts like MOD Pizza, the quick-service world is experiencing a pizza war. Another player in this battle is Atlanta-based Uncle Maddio's Pizza, which opened up shop in...
J. Patrick Doyle stands with Domino's Pizza Theater design. He has been instrumental in the pizza chain's turnaround.
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J. Patrick Doyle’s decision to depart Domino’s in June spun the CEO rumor wheel Wednesday. Namely, would the celebrated executive land at Chipotle and begin another turnaround project? Doyle quickly dismissed that notion during the company’s investor day meeting. According to Reuters, Doyle said he...
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Americans love their burgers. Better yet, Americans love to argue that their burger is the best burger. The regional burger debate—Shake Shack versus Five Guys, In-N-Out vs. Whataburger, the list goes on—is likely one that will continue as long as America’s favorite fast food and fast-casual chains...
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Domino’s announced Tuesday that its president and chief executive officer, J. Patrick Doyle, plans to depart from the company on June 30 after more than eight years at the helm. Doyle is retiring following one of the most impressive turnarounds in quick-service history. When Doyle took over for...
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Employee turnover in restaurants and other hospitality businesses has topped 70 percent for the past two years, mainly due to the disproportionate number of teenagers, students, and seasonal employees who work in these jobs. Managing employee churn is one of the persistent challenges restaurant...


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Diners’ love affair with traditional soda brands has evolved from a match made in heaven to awkward estrangement.
Consumers want to interact with businesses on their terms in the channels they choose. The built-in audience and familiarity with Messenger makes it the ideal place to engage customers with new offerings and to leverage the investment businesses have already made to build a Facebook following.
Until fairly recently, when people wanted cakes, cookies, croissants, cobblers, pastries, pies, popovers, muffins, or mille-feuilles, they had absolutely no expectation that the item in question would be anything other than a decadent, high-calorie treat.
Food safety is key to any restaurant.
The food service industry was shaken when restaurant chain Chipotle had multiple, widespread food safety outbreaks, spanning various states.
The term “point-of-sale” can be a bit of a misnomer.
Even with the increased frequency of other forms of payment, quick-serve restaurant operations are still largely cash-run enterprises, with cash accounting for more than 30 percent of all transactions. But as cash flow grows, so does the risk.