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In an effort to bring in roughly 14,000 new delivery drivers by the end of this year, Pizza Hut expects to hire nearly 3,000 new drivers per month. The hiring will be based on the needs of each individual restaurant and market, and will include both full and part-time positions. In addition to...
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Papa John’s customers can now order pizza while browsing social media. The brand’s national Facebook page now features a “Start Order” button, which gives customers the chance to order pizzas, desserts, and sides through Facebook. When ordering through Facebook, customers will receive 25 percent...
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Chick-fil-A has an answer to the take-out craze: Family Style Meals. Starting Monday in Greensboro, North Carolina, Phoenix, and San Antonio, the brand is testing meal kits, including new sides, to meet a growing consumer demand it says affects nearly 40 percent of current dinner customers. Thirty-...
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Some restaurant concepts get their start as a food truck. Others start as a traditional standalone on a busy commercial drive, while still others start as a walk-up window in a tiny, urban, hole-in-the-wall space. But for one popular concept in Los Angeles, the origin story not only goes back to...
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“Franchise” can be a loaded word. Say it to an industry executive, and she’ll call it an efficient vehicle to building a fast-food empire. Bring it up with a local-loving consumer, and he’ll peg it as a threat to independent restaurants. As for an aspiring operator, he might extoll the benefits of...
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The Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), which is the Senate GOP’s response to the House GOP’s original healthcare bill aimed at repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), still needs to be voted on in the Senate, so its fate remains uncertain. However, it’s important restaurant owners understand...
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At a time of high turnover and increased competition in the era of the gig economy, quick-serve companies are looking for alternative incentives and perks to attract and retain loyal employees. From free coffee to education benefits, quick-serve establishments are investing in their employees in...
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Let’s start with a riddle. Your manager has scheduled an interview with an applicant who you know will make a really good addition to the crew. But when the interview comes, the manager is short-staffed and speed of service will suffer if he or she conducts the interview. What would your manager do...


The nationwide switch to EMV chip cards is progressing at a steady clip with the Payments Security Task Force projecting that 98 percent of cards will be chip enabled by the end of 2017.
Desserts have been part of the limited-service restaurant landscape for decades.
Today’s fast-casual industry is at the leading edge of breakfast innovation.
For years, Pita Pit worked to educate customers about the nutritional value of its various pita fillings and toppings.
When you hear the phrase “traditional American cuisine,” what are the first foods that come to mind?If you’re from New England, you may conjure up an image of a plate of baked cod or a boiled lobster.
Whether it’s açai, juice cleanses, or spiking your morning coffee with yak butter, our culture loves the notion of fast-track solutions to better health.
Consider it Subway's new duds to the biggest party in foodservice.
Food halls are taking the nation’s cities by storm, providing locals with a central location for dozens of innovative concepts.
An ongoing challenge for many a restaurant is maintaining a steady stream of foot traffic and meal orders, especially when any number of uncontrollable factors—bad weather, nearby construction, traffic jams, and more—has the potential to derail what could be a lucrative business day.To protect again
Many restaurateurs are ready to feel the warm spring breeze, as it means diners will rid themselves of their cabin fevers and begin eating out again. But restaurateurs and their guests are not the only ones who are excited—pests are too.
Enterprise systems are more advanced than ever. Not only do they provide vital business information, but they can also make maintaining a consistent menu database across the brand easier than it’s ever been.