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Amazon's merger with Whole Foods will turn up the pressure.

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Franchising’s ambassador says the industry is looking up.
What restaurant leaders need to know about managing employee engagement.
Gandolfo's plans to take its deli items to the street through franchised trucks.
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While established quick-service brands have entered the food truck scene—Qdoba and Dairy Queen, to name just two—Georgia-based Pool’s Restaurant Group, parent company of Gandolfo’s New York Delicatessen, is going one step further. The company is franchising Gandolfo’s trucks and using the mobile...
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In an effort to engage its fans on Facebook, Pita Pit will hold a contest on the popular social network that will let the public name the concept’s newest pita. The “Name That Pita” contest, which will be held from March 21 to March 27, will ask fans to come up with a name for the new, limited-time...
Quick serves can get in front of millions of customers through sports marketing.
Statisticians aren’t sitting cross-legged in labs, running complex algorithms on Papa John’s Super Bowl sales. A supercomputer isn’t littering the floor of a scientist’s basement, crunching cross-promotions of the FIFA World Cup. And Harry Potter has yet to cast an ROI-analysis spell. Sports...
Unilever executive chef Gerald Tomlinson speaks at the company's relaunch.
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As foodservice operators endure the challenge of staying ahead of guests’ expectations, one reality is becoming increasingly clear in the restaurant game: The status quo will no longer do. Today’s consumers seek a greater mix of quality, value, and healthy options when dining out. This foodservice...
The pizza industry is trying to stage a comeback after a decade of declines.
What’s happened to pizza’s major players? In 2000, the QSR 50 Report, this magazine’s annual ranking of the nation’s top quick-service brands, showed a robust American appetite for pizza, a category trailing only burger joints in representation. With pizza chains claiming four of the list’s top 15...
The leading women in the quick service industry.
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Just last year, women crossed the 50 percent threshold in the U.S. workforce, and for the first time in history represent the majority of working Americans. Even in our own industry, more than 50 percent of restaurants are now owned by women—a statistic released by the National Restaurant...
Ron Shaich is the founder of Panera Bread.
Last October, I attended an industry conference and saw Panera’s founder Ron Shaich moderate a panel of great industry leaders. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I also had the chance to ask Ron a question about the development and future of the fast-casual industry. Ron answered by noting...
Public relations strategies go beyond press releases to the media.
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Sending press releases out to the media promoting your restaurant is smart; however, if you don’t have a crafted public relations plan, then you’re wasting your time. Any successful marketing plan must be reinforced with a well-researched public relations plan. There are plenty of ways to create a...
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Food halls are taking the nation’s cities by storm, providing locals with a central location for dozens of innovative concepts.
For years, Pita Pit worked to educate customers about the nutritional value of its various pita fillings and toppings.
Many restaurateurs are ready to feel the warm spring breeze, as it means diners will rid themselves of their cabin fevers and begin eating out again. But restaurateurs and their guests are not the only ones who are excited—pests are too.
Enterprise systems are more advanced than ever. Not only do they provide vital business information, but they can also make maintaining a consistent menu database across the brand easier than it’s ever been.
Whether it’s açai, juice cleanses, or spiking your morning coffee with yak butter, our culture loves the notion of fast-track solutions to better health.
There was a time when kids’ meals were for kids.
Today’s fast-casual industry is at the leading edge of breakfast innovation.
For those limited-service brands that don’t yet have mobile ordering, consider three words of advice from Nike: Just do it.Within the next three years, every quick serve with any kind of regional or national footprint will have mobile ordering system-wide, says Russell Zack, senior vice president of
When you hear the phrase “traditional American cuisine,” what are the first foods that come to mind?If you’re from New England, you may conjure up an image of a plate of baked cod or a boiled lobster.
Consider it Subway's new duds to the biggest party in foodservice.
An ongoing challenge for many a restaurant is maintaining a steady stream of foot traffic and meal orders, especially when any number of uncontrollable factors—bad weather, nearby construction, traffic jams, and more—has the potential to derail what could be a lucrative business day.To protect again