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What can the foodservice world expect from the new administration?

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The Texas capital is the next great epicenter for fast casuals.
This step-by-step guide will show you how to make the biggest impact
Quick-service operators should consider buying distressed stores as a way to exp
Q: Is it smart to buy my second store off a franchisee who’s in over his head? There are a lot of challenges restaurateurs can run into when acquiring a unit that’s already in operation. Some of the biggest ones are the unexpected time it takes to close the deal in the first place. There are a lot...
Paying attention to your maintenance issues as they arise will avoid expensive r
Before Peter Riggs became a vice president with the 173-unit franchise Pita Pit, he was a franchise owner. Starting out in the business, Riggs thought he knew what to look for when it came to preventative maintenance and workplace safety. He watched for spills on the floor. He made regular...
McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner incorporates five key principals in leading his compa
Executive Insights
Since taking over the burger giant, which now has 32,000 restaurants worldwide, CEO Jim Skinner has restructured McDonald’s, redesigned the restaurants, and revolutionized the menu. Aside from the addition of premium coffee offerings, McDonald’s menu also features healthier choices such as Fruit...
David Novak has ideas about his goals toward making Yum Brands the defining glob
Executive Insights
In the May 2010 issue of QSR, Yum Brands CEO and chairman David Novak was selected as one of the quick-serve industry’s Top 10 Most Innovative People. Novak has been at the helm of one of the world’s largest quick-service companies for the last six years and has made broad changes at the company....
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With Congress set to tackle financial reform, the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act, an attempt to overhaul the nation’s food-safety system after recent outbreaks of E. coli, Salmonella, and other pathogens, has once again been pushed down the legislative agenda. In amending the...
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Quick-service operators have a tough task promoting themselves in a market where consumers are increasingly concerned with keeping to a balanced diet. This year began with new healthy eating–based marketing campaigns—a renewed interest in a trend that had taken a backseat to promoting price and...
Guest Experience
Cleanliness, so the expression goes, is next to godliness, and while no expert would elevate the need for a tidy restaurant to the realm of spiritual enlightenment, many are passionate about one point: Now is not the time to slack on the suds. According to a recent retail consumer study performed...
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen’s head chef,  Amy Alarcón, dishes about m
Menu Innovations
Through a mouthful of food, hip-hop mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs delivers his review: “Popeyes has a certain type of fried chicken, nicely golden brown, juicy type of flavor to it.” His YouTube competition between KFC and Popeyes has already been viewed 78,529 times (plus twice more during the...
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For years, Pita Pit worked to educate customers about the nutritional value of its various pita fillings and toppings.
It’s not a surprise to anyone in the foodservice industry that restaurants’ nonalcoholic beverage purchases are declining. They’ve been doing that for years.
Common knowledge would suggest a company’s management or board of directors best knows which path the organization should take to success.
There never was supposed to be a real meal—particularly one with an official name—that landed between dinner and breakfast.
The restaurant world can often seem like a battle between David and Goliath wherein small, independent restaurants are battling the giant corporations for share of stomach. But what if those two camps weren’t mutually exclusive?That’s the scenario playing out in some restaurant companies.
Controversy surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMO) continues to sow doubt about them among consumers, despite being deemed safe to eat by the FDA and the National Academy of Sciences.