In addition to helping conserve cash, bartering often leads to additional exposu
Twenty years ago, Toni Foley began bartering. These days, she won’t run her restaurant—five-year-old Eastside Café in Fairport, New York—without the practice. Foley has used her barter dollars for carpeting, trash disposal, a storage unit, and for customer gifts—all while conserving cash. “I see...
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Quick serves should offer ways for guests to stay a while.
It’s 9 p.m. on a Friday in Hillsborough, North Carolina, and the Cedar Ridge Red Wolves just won their men’s basketball game. Naturally, just as they do with every other home game, most in attendance migrate down the road toward the town’s Bojangles’. Tommy Haddock, owner of the store, says the...
New flavor pods, mixers, sweeteners, and functional additives challenge the stat
Marc Halperin: Resident F&B Expert
Have it your way,” the old jingle promised us. “Special orders don’t upset us.” At the time it was hatched a few decades ago—when heat lamps were king and identically built burgers could easily sit under them for several minutes at lunchtime—this simple creed was how Burger King chose to...
Customers go to T Salon for the flavor, fragrance, and healthfulness of tea.
Emerging Concepts
Because Miriam Novalle loves tea so much, there’s not a grain of sugar in her T Salon shops. “There’s nothing like a cup of tea when it’s great,” she says. “So I tell people to try the tea first before they cover and mask it with sugar … and they almost always come back and thank me.” Novalle...
Leadership skills make veterans attractive candidates for franchising agreements
Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru
David J. Thomas never planned on a career in franchising. When he left the military after a 12-year stint as an Army officer, Thomas went back to school to become a teacher. To help make ends meet, he began delivering meals on the side for an emerging concept called Steak-Out. Before long, Thomas,...
Goldfish Tea brings flavor and décor from the far east to the Midwest.
Emerging Concepts
Chrysler has greatly affected life in the Detroit area over the decades, and now it has brought the Motor City a Chinese teashop—albeit indirectly. Janice and Jim Girling, founders of Goldfish Tea, were both working for the automaker when they were offered the opportunity to go to China for two...
Recent research from Tufts University claims that many restaurant chains inaccur
Web Exclusive
As several big chains roll out new healthy offerings for weight-conscious consumers, a recent study found that restaurants often provide substantially inaccurate calorie counts on menus. Some of the restaurants mentioned in the study, however, are questioning its accuracy. In the study, published...
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Admittedly, a list of the best values in the quick-service franchise arena is a catalog coated in subjectivity. Yet, there remains an assortment of common characteristics that many franchise values possess. First, a good franchise deal is more than a simple, by-the-numbers assessment of franchise...


For many chains—big and small—growth can be a double-edged sword. A small, regional brand might have plenty of room to grow, but may also lack strong brand recognition beyond its home turf.
It’s no secret that America as a culture prizes cleanliness as an inherent, cultural virtue. This near obsession goes far beyond the stacks of deodorants, perfumes, shampoos, and soaps that line bathrooms walls.
Large MarketsMedium MarketsSmall MarketsThe Participants:Tom Berzinski is the managing director of Dallas-based R Taco, a six-year-old concept owned by Buffalo Wild Wings.
I went to Tulane University in New Orleans, and prior to that my family opened a restaurant here in Columbus, Ohio, called Lindey’s. It’s an Upper East Side, New York–style café-bistro that has now become an institution in Columbus.
Controversy surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMO) continues to sow doubt about them among consumers, despite being deemed safe to eat by the FDA and the National Academy of Sciences.
When it comes to business, Americans tend to fall in love with the new—new companies, new products, new deals.