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John Cappasola is only weeks into his role as Del Taco Restaurants Inc.’s chief executive officer. He began his first earnings conference call Thursday by relaying his excitement about the iconic brand and its future growth as the nation’s second largest Mexican-American quick-service chain. He...
Franchising has been the quick-service restaurant industry’s best friend. The major national chains that have served America for generations—McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Subway—all franchise at least 85 percent of their units. As a whole, the quick-service industry is by far the...
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The public has had a fun time joking about how to pronounce “quinoa”—it’s keen-wah, for what it’s worth—but what’s no joke is the ingredient’s growth on U.S. menus. According to Datassential, quinoa’s penetration on U.S. menus grew 21 percent between 2015 and 2016, and it was on 21.5 percent of...
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Starbucks announced Thursday it will shutter all 379 Teavana retail stores over the coming year, with the majority being closed by spring 2018. The news won’t come as a surprise to many, especially after Starbucks CEO and president Kevin Johnson admitted the company “launched a review process … to...
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Chipotle optimists have had queso on the mind in recent days. And for good cause. News that more than 350 stores would begin piloting the once-mythical menu item in August is sure to shake up the Mexican fast casual scene, both in the near future and possibly for years to come. Depending, of course...
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Faced with stagnant same-store sales and traffic, Dunkin’ Donuts is turning to a multi-year plan to differentiate itself through convenience and simplification. The doughnut brand posted a U.S. same-store sales increase of 0.8 percent for the second quarter of this year, driven by an average ticket...
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Starbucks is set to report third-quarter earnings after the bell Thursday. That didn’t stop the java giant from giving investors some blockbuster news to chew on with their morning coffee. In the largest single acquisition in company history, Starbucks announced it was spending roughly $1.3 billion...
Marc Halperin: Resident F&B Expert
Gather round, children, and I’ll tell you a strange and wondrous tale about a bygone period in our nation’s culinary history. It was the 1950s—a simpler, meat ’n’ potatoes era when American consumers were still amazed by the convenience and ease that mass-produced, processed foods brought to their...
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For those limited-service brands that don’t yet have mobile ordering, consider three words of advice from Nike: Just do it.Within the next three years, every quick serve with any kind of regional or national footprint will have mobile ordering system-wide, says Russell Zack, senior vice president of
There was a time when kids’ meals were for kids.
Consider it Subway's new duds to the biggest party in foodservice.
Enterprise systems are more advanced than ever. Not only do they provide vital business information, but they can also make maintaining a consistent menu database across the brand easier than it’s ever been.
When you hear the phrase “traditional American cuisine,” what are the first foods that come to mind?If you’re from New England, you may conjure up an image of a plate of baked cod or a boiled lobster.
Whether it’s açai, juice cleanses, or spiking your morning coffee with yak butter, our culture loves the notion of fast-track solutions to better health.
For years, Pita Pit worked to educate customers about the nutritional value of its various pita fillings and toppings.
Food halls are taking the nation’s cities by storm, providing locals with a central location for dozens of innovative concepts.
Today’s fast-casual industry is at the leading edge of breakfast innovation.
Many restaurateurs are ready to feel the warm spring breeze, as it means diners will rid themselves of their cabin fevers and begin eating out again. But restaurateurs and their guests are not the only ones who are excited—pests are too.
An ongoing challenge for many a restaurant is maintaining a steady stream of foot traffic and meal orders, especially when any number of uncontrollable factors—bad weather, nearby construction, traffic jams, and more—has the potential to derail what could be a lucrative business day.To protect again