Brendan O’Brien

    Diverse portfolios ensure financial stability for franchisees

    When it comes to operating a profitable restaurant chain, energy costs have historically been lower on the priority list than food costs, wages, and real estate.

    Less than a decade ago, the Alfredo sauce at Fazoli’s, a quick-service brand that prides itself on classic Italian items, was more water than dairy.

    Bankruptcy may seem bleak, but it might also offer a fresh start.

    Kids These Days

    Being a young leader in the quick-service industry offers a unique set of hurdles—and benefits.

    Under the Wing

    Mentoring provides quick-serve leaders a way to protect and shape the company’s future.

    Kick the Stress Out

    Dealing with stress is one way to ensure success and longevity in the fast-paced quick-service industry.

    Fancy Fast Food

    Quick serves focus on contemporary interiors and premium menu items for a more sophisticated feel.

    Time to Get REAL

    A new healthy-eating program aims to incentivize restaurants to provide healthier options.