Carrie Schmeck

    Amy Erickson was once among the most coffee-focused employees at Caribou Coffee.

    Panda Restaurant Group is applying the auto industry’s concept-car theory to innovate in the American-Chinese fast-casual landscape.

    When Arby’s Hungry for Happiness mobile tour pulls into town, people notice.

    Food courts present an array of choices and flavors in quick-service and grab-and-go formats, and consumers have come to expect competitive variety in spaces like malls, airports, and transportatio

    From Bricks to Bread

    At first glance, a nonprofit subdivision developer and a sandwich restaurant seem a far-fetched choice for partnership—ham and cheese and mortgages have seemingly little in common.

    When Disaster Strikes

    Marketing departments spend months planning major promotional events, but when a natural disaster strikes, taking action is all that matters.

    Doing Good Works

    Building a reliable workforce is essential to success in the quick-serve business, as is connecting with the local community through socially conscious means.

    The Secret’s Out

    Though not new, secret and hidden menus have taken hold in recent years as social media–savvy diners share off-the-menu experiences with potentially viral audiences.

    The Sum of Its Parts

    Not long after it announced its French Revolution brand reimage program, casual-dining chain Mimi’s Cafe thinks it’s found the key ingredient to brand expansion.