Christa Gala

    Health-minded operators are taking the mantra seriously.
    The formality of the restaurant uniform is fading.

    “A waffle sandwich is still something that’s hard for people to get their thought process around. But chicken and waffles is very well known, particularly in the South.

    Food Network celebrity chef Emily Ellyn has appeared on “Cupcake Wars” and “Cutthroat Kitchen,” and is now working on her first cookbook while also pursuing a Ph.D.

    Chef Q&A: Amy Alarcon

    What do you see as being some of the biggest trends in the quick-serve industry when it comes to chicken menu items?

    Your Other Storefront

    Dan Kim, founder and chief concept officer of frozen yogurt chain Red Mango, spearheaded a relaunch of his company’s website two years ago. The site was refreshingly simple and easy to use.

    Giving Drive Thru a Chance

    Sometimes good business decisions are made on a whim, as was the case when Boston-based fast-casual burrito chain Boloco decided to open its drive-thru location in Warwick, Rhode Island.

    The Quest for Viral

    At Arby’s, it was “legendary detective” Bo Dietl delivering a meat slicer to a competitor’s drive-thru window, reminding viewers and Arby’s fans that many competitors don’t slice on site.

    A Six-Second Connection

    Imagine a marketing campaign that’s created in five days and launched with minimal cost, a campaign that generates buzz and leads to an increase in sales. Too good to be true?

    Value Isn’t Cheap

    Could the dollar menu soon be a thing of the past? It’s possible, according to findings from market research firm Phoenix Marketing International.

    Focus On the Values

    Panera Bread’s “Live Consciously, Eat Deliciously” platform, which launched in late February after nearly a year of testing and research, is a first for the brand.

    The Perfect Match

    Finding a great employee—much like finding a significant other—isn’t always easy.