Deborah L. Cohen

    The saying goes that two heads are better than one.

    If it wasn’t for the publicity, outsiders might not have known that Captain D’s was on the auction block, the result of a decision by private equity owners Sagittarius Bra

    Quick serves of all sizes are hopping on the green-construction bandwagon, installing everything from energy-efficient lighting and kitchen equipment to solar roof panels.

    Population. U.S. proximity. Financing. Footprint. The right partners.

    Incentives for Green

    Senior finance executives should take advantage of tax incentives that are available for green building initiatives.

    ‘The International Plan’

    QSR followed four Wing Zone executives as they took the brand beyond U.S. borders and into Central America. Along the way, the group inked a deal in Asia and found out what it takes to expand a concept into new territories. 

    A Brand Salute

    Bringing military veterans into your company as franchisees gives the brand operators who are proven leaders.

    Pondering the Poach

    Headhunting executives from competitors is a risky move, especially in today’s uneasy economic climate.

    Valuing Your Store

    Learn exactly what appraisers are looking for when they decide your restaurant’s worth.