John Morell

    Brands must cope with a new analytics trend.
    For brands seeking outside investment, the perfect partner is a must.
    More restaurants jump on the IPO bandwagon.
    Here's how to do LTOs the right way.

    How to Make Sure the Price is Right

    With economic and climate pressures forcing commodity costs upward, many quick-serve C-suites are facing the grim task of raising menu prices.

    Honey, I Shrunk the Store

    As the U.S. economy shows signs of new growth in 2012, many quick serves are cautiously looking at expansion plans to see if they can jumpstart the growth that stalled with the recession.

    How to Name a Winning Menu Item

    Enter a Souplantation in New Mexico and you might be enticed to try a bowl of Posole Soup, a Southwestern concoction made with pork, chilies, and tomatoes.

    SBA Loans to the Rescue?

    Most businesses can’t get off the ground without a little financial help, a fact that is especially true in the quick-serve industry.

    Fleeced by a Lease

    It’s always been difficult to own and operate a successful quick serve, and in the next few years, it might get tougher.

    Who's the Face of Your Brand?

    Marketing executives have known for years that using hard-at-work, nice-looking, real employees in a TV spot can symbolize a brand’s corporate commitment to quality and service.

    The Risky Business of New Branding

    In 2007, Togo’s, a 242-unit, 40-year-old West Coast sandwich chain, was purchased by San Francisco equity firm Mainsail Partners, which quickly saw a problem.