Julie Knudson

    If a recent spate of large-scale investments is any indication, the new crop of Fast Casual 2.0 restaurants—with their chef-driven menus and next-level ingredients—is piquing the interests of priva

    Eager to launch his new restaurant concept Komotodo Sushi Burrito and having already experienced one failed Kickstarter campaign, Alonzo Martinez designed a new strategy and went at it again.

    When it launched its first restaurant in Mexico, BurgerFi learned the real-world costs behind international expansion.

    For many quick-service operators, year-end is budget season. But developing meaningful numbers for the next year requires a methodical approach.

    Shaking Up the Market

    When Shake Shack went public in January, its shares were priced at $21. The next morning, the stock began trading at $47 per share, and in May, the price peaked at nearly $97.

    The State of the SBA

    When a restaurant operator needs funding, a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan may be a viable option.

    Bankrolling R&D

    Restaurant brands that are around for any length of time are likely to undergo a rebrand at some point, whether it’s a subtle store redesign or a wholesale menu shift.

    Going the Distance

    Equity relationships are intended to be mutually beneficial, with the brands and their private equity (PE) partners both contributing—and both reaping the rewards.

    Partner Up

    Quick-service operators looking for external financial support often find an attractive option in private equity firms.

    The New-Age CFO

    Chief financial officers (CFO) do more than count dollars and prepare financial reports.

    Time to Spend Again

    Things are looking up for capital spending in the quick-service and fast-casual sectors.

    Doing the Deal

    The merger of two titans—Burger King and Tim Hortons—closed the books on 2014.

    History in the Making

    Built in 1881, the log cabin housing the Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que location in Breckenridge, Colorado, has seen its fair share of action.