Roy T. Bergold Jr.

    Roy reflects on human resources tips he’s shared.
    The nature of the business has changed a lot since the early days.
    Customers who can put a face to your business will come back.
    Sometimes the best menu strategy is the simplest.

    Your Brand, Top of Mind

    A small pizza chain recently ran a very interesting promotion: Order your pizza in Spanish and you get it for free. Everybody seemed to have an opinion on the promotion.

    The Evolution of Quick Service

    Ladies and gentlemen, I love the written word. I devour books. But with the exception of Charles Dickens, I never read the same book twice. Too many books, too little time.

    The Healthy Choice

    I've got an equation for you. Obesity equals the wrong types of food plus the wrong preparations plus excessive quantities times diminished exercise.

    Ditch the Mystery Meat

    Another salvo has been fired in the constant discussion about where quick-service food comes from: the admission of “pink slime.” About the same time this unusual food product was revealed, the com

    The Kids’ Meal Compromise

    Recently I was talking with Barry Klein, an old friend of mine who was one of the original advertising guys at McDonald’s. He is a marketing consultant now with a large interest in kids marketing.

    How PR Can Save the Day

    It occurred to me recently that we are all just trying to have a nice life, build a good business, and make enough bucks to be comfortable.

    How to Be a Yes Man

    Just so you know I read something other than comic books and cereal boxes, I was reading some heavy philosophy and business books the other day.

    Are You Sure About That?

    Wendy’s tries to become a kids’ place. Pizza Hut adds salad and pasta. Everybody changes their look, and now Burger King hangs up the High King.

    Roy's Tips for Creating Repeat Business

    Kate and I stopped into our favorite bar and grill after church last Sunday for a quick lunch. We usually just sit at the bar, and that day it was just us and another couple at the other end.