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industry headlines

Dunkin' Donuts Adds Fall Menu Items

2007-09-26 The company will add two pumpkin food items and two new seasonal drinks for a limited time.

Zero Trans Fat Menu Soon Available Nationwide at Dunkin' Donuts

2007-08-27 By October 15, Dunkin' Donut offerings nationwide will be trans fat free. Baskin-Robbins will follow suit by January 1, 2008.

Creating a New Language of Nutrition

2007-06-25 McDonald's case study on "Creating a New Language of Nutrition" covers cultural analysis for nutrition icons used in over 109 locales.

Popeyes Introduces Zero Trans Fat Biscuits

2007-05-30 Popeyes(R) Chicken & Biscuits announced the introduction of zero gram trans fat biscuits and one gram per serving French fries in its domestic restaurants.

Hardee's Tries Turkey for Breakfast

2007-04-25 Previously neglected bird makes its debut on new Breakfast Club sandwich.

Jack in the Box Adds New Breakfast Sandwich

2007-01-08 Jack in the Box's new Bacon Breakfast Jack is available for $1.29 at all participating Jack in the Box restaurants.