Articles from the April 2011 issue

Protesters in favor of employee unions picket a Jimmy John's in Minneapolis.

Labor unions have struggled to make quick-service inroads, but remain steadfast in their attempts to organize fast food employees.

David and Camille Rutkauskas have built BBI into a global portfolio of brands.

Family operated quick-serve businesses could be just the thing to help the industry move past the recession. But such businesses aren’t always a walk in the park.

The BP oil spill in the Gulf emptied beaches and scared seafood consumers.

One year after the historic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, restaurateurs are still trying to convince tourists to come back to the region.

This Top Chef all star epitomizes America’s new, hip culinary culture.

The CEO is responsible for the health of his brand and steering it toward growth.

Pop-up restaurants are becoming more popular in the fine-dining sector and could spread to the quick-service segment.

From menu labeling to toy bans to healthy eating, the government is getting more involved with the quick-serve industry. Roy proposes a solution for the industry to rally around.

Leadership within the segment is predominantly male despite the female-heavy demographics of its customers.

One novel menu item offers the four keys to a cool dessert program.

The rise of WiFi-enabled devices is making wireless networks at quick serves increasingly vulnerable. Find out how you can help protect yourself.

Celebrity attention is helping this healthy dessert concept catch on with customers.

Los Angeles–based frozen-yogurt chain gained big buzz in Hollywood before catching on across the country.

Once a company executive, Popeyes franchisee Rob Parsons discusses how franchisees can leverage the experience and resources of their franchisor.

Brand extensions can be a smart way to build excitement and drive traffic, but any extension that strays too far can be a costly mistake.

Many operators are resorting to cutting employees’ hours to save on labor costs, but experts say there’s a better way.

Daphne’s new CEO explains the motivations behind his detailed rebranding efforts.