Articles from the April 2013 issue

Small portion menu items like sliders can pack many flavors into little bites.

How the creative use of small portions can deliver much more than a mouthful.

Small portions give customers control over health, values, and variety.

Little servings give diners an opportunity to control health, value, and variety.

Employee social networks give quick serves powerful human resources tool.

Online software adds new dimension to hiring.

How to use strategic top-down branding to drive profitability.

Sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor can be valuable marketing tools.

Three ingredients have shouldered much of the blame for the nation’s growing health woes. But is the finger-pointing justified?

A McAlister’s Deli franchisee explains how his casual-dining experience translates into quick-serve success.

Recognizing the people and brands that have gone above and beyond in the quest to make America healthier.

Women bring fresh ideas and perspectives to menu development.

Whether organic or strategic, secret menus can be a boon to business.

New strategy helps operators stretch their marketing budgets.

Food trucks double as a work vehicle and place of business, and need the proper insurance to protect operators.

Incorporating local ingredients into your menu can set you apart from competitors. But first you should know what you’re buying into.

Smoothie-concept-turned-fast-casual spreads healthy options to diners across the country.

Customers are increasingly interested in the story behind their food. That’s good news for the seafood industry.

After swallowing their mistakes, CEOs who have failed lay the groundwork for learning.

Restaurant chains shy away from menu price increases.

Hosting events can bring new customers to the table, increase revenue, and enhance branding efforts.