Articles from the December 2011 issue

Giving back through community work and charity can help your brand.

Take your charitable activities—and your brand—to a whole new level.

A wide variety of salts can help restaurants enhance their menu flavors.

How a pinch of this and a dash of that can make routine menu items “all that.”

Salt is not always an unhealthy ingredient and can spice up many menu items.

Restaurants are working to cut back sodium without spooking customers.

The top headlines, trends, and buy-outs in the restaurant industry this year.

Two multiunit Subway franchisees tap into popular Mexican fast-casual segment with their own growing brand.

With mall vacancies at a high, the food court is becoming more important.

Positioning your brand for the long haul starts with a well crafted and executed mission statement.

A Philly Pretzel Factory franchisee reveals how community involvement grows your business, customer base, and brand awareness all at once.

Branded debit cards may be the perfect incentive for employers looking to make their rewards count among employees.

Customers are demanding healthier menu options, but operators are still struggling to figure out the effect it will have on their bottom line.

These indicators help determine if you’re likely to find the financial and lifestyle return you’re looking for.