Articles from the December 2012 issue

Dunkin Donuts added innovative coffee drinks to its beverage menu.

Flavors add extra kick to hot and cold coffee beverages.

New Yorkers protested a city wide sugary beverage ban in 2012.

The biggest stories that shaped the restaurant industry this year.

Fast food customer loyalty programs boost the overall brand experience.

How to identify, improve, and maintain a positive experience in your restaurant.

Growing pizza chain uses new campaign to steal market share from major players.

Study shows upscale elements may be key to quick-serve satisfaction.

How four brands best maximize their employees’ potential.

Bluffton, South Carolina

Getting your employees on board with a healthy-lifestyle mindset goes a long way in the fight against obesity.

Domestic brands are turning their attention to international markets, opening the door for foreign brands to make inroads in the U.S.

Healthy-beverage brand cashes in on nutrition-conscious juice, smoothie lovers.

How to court legions of Latino coffee consumers.

Operators can lend a hand to the less fortunate through hiring programs and other initiatives.

Keeping customers’ information secure against hackers should be a top priority.

Quick serves focus on contemporary interiors and premium menu items for a more sophisticated feel.

Maximize your company’s charitable-giving efforts by choosing causes that resonate with employees, franchisees, and consumers.

Multiunit franchisee Sean Falk explains how military experience can translate into quick-serve success.

The seven chains that made the boldest moves in 2012.

With his final column, Roy reflects on the human resources tips he’s shared for the last seven years.