Articles from the December 2015 issue

Top QSR restaurant chains menu Latin American flavors to draw foodie customers.

Three levers limited-service chains can pull to capitalize on consumers’ love for Latin flavors.

Florida based Greek fast casual executive shares leadership tips.

Nick Vojnovic, president of Little Greek Fresh Grill, talks about the leap of faith he took when he joined the concept.

San Diego fast casual Mexican chain offers spicy shrimp taco with big bold flavors.

Oscars owner Juan Bernardo Montes de Oca weighs in on where he came up with the idea for his signature Spicy Shrimp Taco.

Finding the right charitable partner can be a soul-searching process that yields rewards, both financial and intrinsic.

Cuisine from South and Central America and the Caribbean provides plentiful menu opportunities.

The right data and insights can make next year’s books more accurate and useful.

Whether through customizable formats or artisan appeal, proper packaging can enhance the customer experience.

Victor Albisu, Chef/Owner of Taco Bamba, shares his vision for Latin American food in fast casual.

How to attract top franchisees with Discovery Days.

The biggest news of the year in the quick-service and fast-casual industries.

Former NFL player Billy Bajema, along with his college teammate, brings a winning franchise strategy to his home state.

With an emphasis on fresh ingredients, Chicago-based Naf Naf Grill is bringing Middle Eastern fare to the Midwest.

How limited-service operators can leverage data to better their business.

Six news-makers that helped define the year in limited-service restaurants.

The journey from a few local units to a large franchise starts with solid systems and strong branding.

Fast casual changed the restaurant industry conversation. But it’s the next wave of limited-service restaurants that might change how we dine out entirely.

In today’s economy, operators weigh the opportunities presented by standalone, end-cap, and in-line locations.