Articles from the February 2011 issue

Subway has partnered with several nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit organizations can bring strong assets, management, and leadership to a franchising relationship.

Quick serves are experimenting with upscale dishes.

Even without the white tablecloths, quick-serve brands are beginning to rival fine-dining establishments.

Food trucks serve city streets from coast to coast.

The mobile concepts you should be watching.

Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign is one year old, but the quick-service industry’s role is still largely undefined. That’s set to change.

How to course correct after critical errors.

An innovative lending model that leverages the assets of a franchisor might be the answer to operators’ woes in this post-recession climate.

Completely changing a quick serve’s logo can reignite interest, but doing so requires a thorough strategy.

Despite what your intern and PR agency tell you, there are some brands that just aren't cut out for social media.

A veteran Subway franchisee tells you how to prepare a business for long-term growth.

The New York-based fast casual boasts a menu of healthy options, with nothing more than 500 calories.

By identifying and addressing their blind spots, chief executives can strengthen their brand and encourage a stronger corporate culture.

How to tell which high-end trends will find their way to tomorrow’s quick-serve menus.

The average American is blasted with thousands of advertisements every day. Rather than try to shout above the noise, marketers must learn to converse with their biggest fans.

George Green’s top fast casuals.

Are Ronald, Jack, Wendy, and the King right for marketing in the 21st century?