Articles from the February 2012 issue

Jean Champagne is guiding Dairy Queen's international growth.

COO Jean Champagne is responsible for hitting Dairy Queen’s international expansion goals two years early. 

Asian foods are no longer foreign to American customers.

Asian cuisine offers various cultural choices and twists on familiar flavors.

Groupon executives celebrate the company's IPO launch.

Their time on top may be temporary, but experts say they’ve changed consumer buying permanently.

Editor insights into the top quick-serve and fast-casual brands outside the U.S.

Taking stock of ingredients that deliver that eminently appealing “fifth taste.”

CEOs looking to franchise their concepts must make sure it’s the appropriate next step of growth.

This Texas-based concept plans to Americanize sushi once and for all.

International businessman Mohammad Al Madani shares his tips on how to best translate an American brand in a foreign land.

Loyalty programs aren’t the only way to build repeat visits.

With consumers calling for more locally sourced menu items, restaurants should consider buying a portion of their foods from local farms.

Experts say beverage menus will become a key driver of incremental sales.

A good public-relations plan can spread your good news—and curb the affects of bad news.

Company’s record profits show that a little goodwill can go a long way.

Operators must know how to ensure the safety of their imported foods.