Articles from the January 2010 issue

The industry’s best franchise values.

Executive Director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest Michael Jaco

Michael Jacobson, the executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, discusses what he has in his crosshairs for 2010.

A loyalty reward program should be simple, and should not slow down service.

Retail rewards programs are gaining in popularity, but the quick-serve industry hasn’t quite figured them out.

The word “Duffeyroll” has become part of the vernacular in Denver, and Nick Ault, president of the Duffeyroll Café, would like to spread the word to other parts of the country.

Better customer service starts with happier, more accountable employees.

Direct digital marketing strategies and tactics are especially affective for quick-service and fast-casual restaurant marketers.

Brian V. Hill, a restaurant specialist at Pitney Bowes, warns not to assume you know your target demographic when selecting a new market. Go by the numbers, instead.

Choosing the right franchise to buy into is difficult, so Roy offers veteran advice. If he was thinking about buying into a franchise company (and he is), what would he look for in the perfect marriage?

Headhunting executives from competitors is a risky move, especially in today’s uneasy economic climate.

From swine flu and spinach fears to viral videos, quick-serve crises are pay dirt for the press. Learn how to prepare your brand.

With so many problems in the world, why are restaurants homing in on hunger relief?

There are three types of morning diners, and chains that can tap into each group’s needs will finish ahead.

The bagel concept has been approved for franchising in every state, and hopes to see 300 to 500 stores open this year and up to 2,000 in the next five years.