Articles from the January 2013 issue

Latin flavors are growing in popularity on menus at American quick serve brands.

With Hispanic consumers surging in number and influence, the future of quick-service dining has a distinctly Latin flavor.

Brands like Qdoba and Starbucks are tapping into customer loyalty with the new A

Quick serves cash in on Apple’s newest mobile app.

Farmers are pressured by increasing commodity costs due to the drought.

Last year’s historic drought is placing lasting pressures on operators as commodity prices jump.

New York City

Is Mimi’s Cafe’s new segmented model all things to all people, or something for everyone?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is transforming the state of food regulations—for better or worse.

The quick-service industry will continue to evolve in 2013, and these five trends will have the biggest impact.

Our third-annual report singles out the top large, medium, and small markets in the U.S.

Regional Latin American flavors are winning over U.S. diners.

Now is the time to establish what you want to get out of your marketing efforts in the coming 12 months.

Industry leaders balance excitement with reality when setting company growth rates.

Multinational franchisee Daniel Kurniawan explains how franchisees can use their experience to build their own brand.

Updating the logo, store design, and brand image helps concepts stay top of mind with consumers.

Moms wield significant buying power when it comes to dining out.

Salad concept keeps ambitious growth plans under company’s wings.

In the ongoing health debate, sometimes perception is more important than reality.

The menu items, promotional tools, and business strategies that will affect quick serves this year.