Articles from the January 2016 issue

Top QSR chains add more vegetable menu options to appeal to health conscious Millennials.

Increased interest in clean and fresh dining boosts veggie options.

QSR chains can grow sales with these fresh vegetable menu development tips.

Vegetables aren’t limited to playing second banana on today’s menus.

Top QSR franchisee in North Carolina shares ideas for connecting with community.

Jeff Rigsby of Bojangles’ shares how multiunit franchisees can focus on the fundamentals to build their business and brand.

Where fresh&co got the idea for its Veggie Sofritas Bowl.

Three reasons why analytics can mean better business.

Jesse Gideon, corporate chef and COO at Fresh to Order, shares tips on serving fresh vegetables in a fast-casual setting.

As quick serves expand into foreign regions, the cost landscape also changes.

From Western Europe to the Far East, these four countries deserve a second look for quick-service expansion.

Following a rash of food-borne outbreaks, Chipotle hopes to maintain customer loyalty.

Restaurants are increasingly borrowing a tech mindset and methodology to drive their brand.

Eight technology innovations that are reshaping the future of the limited-service restaurant industry.

It’s not just the ultra-famous chefs who are opening fast casuals anymore.

In matters of health, the limited-service industry can’t afford to sit back. But “healthy” doesn’t quite mean what it used to.

The executive vice president of food and supply chain at Corner Bakery has been with the brand since Day 1. Here's why the classically trained chef is so excited by fast casual.

Washington, D.C., has become a hotbed for Fast Casual 2.0 innovation. Take a tour of the city’s top concepts to find out what makes them tick.

Founded as a post-workout destination, this Chicago-based fast casual serves up hearty yet healthy bowls, shakes, and more.

The renowned Washington, D.C. restaurateur discusses his entrance into the fast-casual world.

From Subway’s Jared Fogle problem to Chipotle’s E. coli and norovirus outbreaks, recent crises serve as a lesson in damage control.

These customer trends are sure to shake up the limited-service industry in the coming year.