Articles from the January 2017 issue

While financing has become more available after the recession, not everyone is benefitting from the new lending environment.

Operating under the mindset of “don’t mess with success” can hinder growth and potential.

An on-site chef garden, full bar with fresh cocktails, and patio seating make Greenleaf a self-described modern farm stand.

Brands turn to new better-for-you buzzwords to differentiate themselves in a quickly growing category.

Members of the largest living generation have been called apathetic, lazy, and narcissistic. But as they come into their own, they’re proving to be a tantalizing franchise target.

Chopt Creative Salad Company's CEO learned the restaurant business the hard way, but it's benefiting him years later.

Micromanagement turns managers into puppet masters and employees into their marionettes.

The restaurant downtrend will likely continue through this year, but brands can take steps to safeguard their growth.

With new, tech-inspired digs, a collaborative mindset, and combined resources, Focus Brands is sprinting toward success.

These are some of the major trends operators can expect in the year ahead.

Many people rest their entire brands on how they do things. It's time to consider the "why."