Articles from the July 2010 issue

Answered in 40 words or less.

In the year 2060, 50 years from now, quick-serve concepts might have very differ

The economic roller coaster of the last 18 months reminded every brand in quick service that survival is not guaranteed, and QSR is taking this new thinking as an opportunity to look at life after the recession—way after.

If the Modernization Act makes it through Washington, then restaurants might hav

Mike Taylor is in charge of defending your food supply and is trying to update a 72-year-old food safety system. If the Modernization Act can get through Washington, it could mean big changes for your brand.

Answered in 40 words or less.

New York–based frozen custard chain has been growing slowly since its founding in 1902, but the owners are now aiming for 5–10 store openings per year.

Probiotic-rich frozen yogurt, smoothies, and parfaits have Red Mango poised to grow fast, but founder Dan Kim won't stop until it's the preeminent frozen yogurt brand.

At some companies it’s OK to take a tip from another CEO’s playbook. In fact—it’s encouraged.

Quick serves that compact their operations into a mobile unit fit for fairs, festivals, and other summer gatherings can lure customers back to the store.

Some operators are finding that bringing a full-service approach to quick service is boosting customer satisfaction—and the bottom line.

Thanks to the federal menu-labeling requirement, quick serves are revisiting their dessert menus, looking for ways to offer healthier options.

Luther Lowe, who heads local business outreach at, tells you how to harness the site’s 11 million reviews to improve your restaurant.

Toyota was caught sacrificing quality for quantity, and its troubles should be a warning sign to quick serves looking to grow.

In the first of a two-part series, George Green tackles the hardest part of the restaurant industry: hiring the right people.

Pizza chains are the masters at mobile marketing efforts, while other segments lag behind. See what you can learn from them.

Stephen Sheinbaum, CEO of Merchant Cash & Capital, helps you navigate today’s lending market. The big banks may still be slow, but you have other options.

Operators often lose sight of the importance of innovation in a down economy, but recession or no recession, consumers demand new options.

The jump from breakfast to dessert isn’t as far or hard as you might think. Quick serves can easily and effectively deploy breakfast-time treats as post-dinner indulgences.