Articles from the July 2012 issue

Connect with your customer and your team to improve service and satisfaction.

The Olympics rings in London welcome visitors for the summer games.

Both official and unofficial sponsors are looking to capture marketing gold with the Olympics.

More fast food items are turning up on grocery store shelves.

Most licensing relationships fail. So why are more quick-serve brands jumping into the retail space?

These 10 brands stand out in a crowded franchise field.

A positive ROI is obviously key, but don’t forget to outline a process that will help you meet your objectives.

A combination of “legendary” customer service and top-notch products help this sandwich joint stand out in the crowd.

More quick serves are entering the flex-casual market, attracting fast-casual customers by day and full-service diners by night.

With commodity costs skyrocketing, price hikes are inevitable. How those hikes roll out will determine how your customers react.

A former investment banker wants to make meat pies an American staple.

Sbarro will use new pizza recipe and fast-casual rebranding to fight back from bankruptcy.

Many customers like the option of noncarbonated cold beverages.

Just as bars do with cocktails, you can deconstruct soft drinks to formulate novel new beverage options.

Having a CEO succession strategy can ensure that quick-serve companies don’t miss a beat when their top executives split.

A Kona Ice franchisee shares his strategies on how to keep up business, rain or shine.