Articles from the June 2011 issue

Ever wonder how eggs are processed? Take a quick peek behind the scenes in this video brought to you by the American Egg Board.

More customers are using smartphones, offering a strong marketing vehicle.

The popularity of smartphones is skyrocketing, and their importance as a marketing tool can’t be understated. Here’s how you can unlock the full potential of mobile to build your brand.

Food truck items like sliders are showing up at brick and mortar restaurants.

The growing number of mobile units provides a variety of flavors for brands looking for menu inspirations.

Restaurant success comes in many sizes, but those on the cutting edge agree that passion is essential. 

Greg Creed, CEO of Taco Bell, talks about the company’s secret salt reductions, why he’s not afraid of Chipotle, and oh yeah, that pesky beef lawsuit.

Back by popular demand. QSR reveals the industry's best franchise deals.

This 17-state sub shop even has food truck options for franchisees.

Multiunit franchisee Aziz Hashim explains how operators can get the money they need without getting in over their heads.

Restaurant operators might soon have to list lease costs clearly on their balance sheets, a move that could drastically affect the real-estate market in the coming years.

Quick-serve operations in tourist-driven markets must be creative to stay profitable.

New technology will allow quick serves to turn uniforms into interactive marketing devices.

McDonald’s advertising was consistently the best under Roy’s watch because of the laid-back atmosphere that fostered creativity.

Humanely raised foods are in higher demand than even local and organic ingredients. Quick serves have a big opportunity to answer the cry from consumers.

Fast-casual expert George Green sits down with Technomic to learn what’s behind this year’s Fast-Casual Top 100.

Incorporating authentic ethnic items into your menu arsenal shouldn’t be a grind.

Quality face time with employees can help quick-serve CEOs establish useful, brand-building relationships.

Six groups that are worth your money and time.