Articles from the March 2012 issue

School lunches must be fast and healthy, something fast food can help with.

K–12 schools offer companies another opportunity to show critics they’re serious about improving childhood nutrition.

More college students today are expanding their food options on campus.

College students are seeking plenty of options and flexibility in campus dining services.

Red Mango partnered with NASCAR drive Bobby Labonte (center) as franchisee.

From the bright lights of professional sports to the fast pace of restaurant management, a growing number of athletes are entering the quick-service arena.

In-N-Out Burger fights and wins against a Chinese competitor. Find out how to safeguard your brand abroad.

For the last 35 years, McDonald’s has had a hand in choosing the biggest basketball stars in the country. 

Concept thrives on cheap tacos and alcohol in a pub-style environment.

The quick-serve industry can yield big rewards for those CEOs who take risks, but responsibly navigating each risk is no small task.

For small concepts, diversifying local-store marketing efforts beyond fliers and handouts is the best way to secure new business.

More airports are adding local foodservice brands, forcing national companies to adapt to each location.

Diversity and authenticity are key when trying to attract complex Millennials.

While some fight over what to do with kids’ meals, Roy suggests there are compromises to look into.

QSR's columnist and self-labeled “determined capitalist” is convinced sustainability and local sourcing are the future of foodservice.

A California Tortilla franchisee reveals how he’s successfully competed with Chipotle.