Articles from the March 2017 issue

Why allowing guests to customize and personalize their meals is as important as ever.

Around 80 percent of the U.S. population use mobile devices to make everyday tasks easier. This includes dining out.

Despite a number of challenges, brands are once again exploring shipping-container design for new restaurant construction.

Updated build-your-own efforts can attract younger diners into your restaurant.

Pat Peterson, the executive chef of Beefsteak, on how the five-unit brand pairs customization with high-quality ingredients.

What can the foodservice world expect from a Trump administration when it comes to policy? We’re about to find out.

Some 14 percent of publicly traded operations with a market value of at least $100 million have attracted an activist shareholder.

Social media ranks as the second most popular way for guests to find new restaurants.

A San Francisco hospitality group offers a glimpse at what the future could be, with multiple full-service and fast-casual concepts.

Brands are increasingly putting their dieticians front and center.

Consider these four tips to keep your restaurant clean and free of unwanted intruders.

Brands are using their businesses as vehicles for social change.

Tava Kitchen’s most popular dish is all about customization.

Franchisors must exercise caution in how they support franchisees on the labor front.

Having an effective pest management program in place can make all the difference.

A combination of franchised and homegrown concepts can be a winning formula for restaurant portfolios.

Shrinking the standard operating footprint to fit a concessions stand broadened the consumer base for one Dickey’s franchisee.

Poké may be all the rage, but the founders of California-based Sweetfin think their Japanese-inspired twist is a game-changer.

The president of Little Greek Fresh Grill offers his road map to restaurant franchise success.

Operators need to make decisions based off of what is best for their business.

The CEO and president of the Women’s Foodservice Forum has spent 30 years in the leadership-development space focused around women and business.

The company’s passionate commitment to peace, love, and ice cream takes center stage, as evidenced by this insider's first-hand account.

These merging plant-based food trends could have an enormous impact on the limited-service industry.

No issue facing the frontline is as financially crippling—and as easily rectified—as employee disengagement.