Articles from the May 2011 issue

Mediterranean food items are in high demand from consumers.

The bold flavors from the eastern Mediterranean region are growing in popularity among American diners.

Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies have several food concession options.

Concessions at sports venues no longer stop at hot dogs and popcorn. In fact, arenas and ballparks are becoming food destinations.

The U.S. Navy's food operations include premium dining opportunities.

QSR gets exclusive access aboard the USS Jefferson City, where efficiency and culinary innovation rule.

Big name executives have created a new prototype for CEOs. But this kind of celebrity might not be ideal for quick-serve execs.

The Panera CEO has spent one year at the helm of the fast-casual industry’s biggest company. His one goal? To keep the company on top.

Breaking down Mediterranean flavor profiles to their essence can inject new life into familiar menu favorites.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill taps into the natural flavors and health benefits of an old-world diet.

A Rally’s franchisee explains how operators can activate sports marketing efforts to ensure success for their stores.

In addition to the quick serve down the street, there’s also the local grocery store, gas station, and even vending machine.

Business partnerships can help quick-serve entrepreneurs make big profits, but if everyone’s expectations aren’t clear, they can ruin relationships—and businesses.

Minority franchisees bring new opportunities to the table for quick serves, but the hurdles they face require creativity on the part of the franchisor.

Touch-screen technology is providing foodservice companies with new ways to get consumers interacting with their menus and products.

When you open the doors to your quick-serve unit, don’t be a softy; do it in style by heeding Roy’s tips.

Swipe fees may not be sexy, but it’s up to operators to demand fee regulation from politicians.

Learn how to stretch your marketing dollars by integrating social media with traditional marketing strategies.

A dynamic guide to this year’s NRA Show, complete with products you can’t miss and Chicago highlights that are perfect for post-show networking.