Articles from the May 2013 issue

Superfoods like blueberries offer nutritional and flavorful menu potential.

Super fruits and vegetables combine flavor with nutrition.

Quick service brands are using big data to streamline and improve business.

Brands must cope with a new analytics trend to get the most out of marketing and operations.

Costa Vida offers fresh Mexican ingredients in a laid back fast casual setting.

Baja-inspired brand hopes to ride wave of West Coast success across the country.

Does the future of fast casual lie in alcohol?

Challenges and opportunities abound for brands created by women.

A rundown of the sights, sounds, and eats at the 2013 NRA Show.

Brands look to fans, social media to develop new products and flavors.

Fine-dining veterans are taking their talents to the fast-casual space.

With dining becoming the new theater, can you sell tickets to your show?

Burger King ups its coffee game to compete with other players in the industry.

Criminals are getting smarter, which means operators must keep ahead of the curve with PCI compliance.

IP surveillance technology can deliver high ROI to quick-service operators.

Whole grains, nuts, and seeds offer a superfood punch to ordinary menus.

Former McAlister’s Deli exec gives the fresh-Mex concept a new lease on life and opportunities for growth.

In the second of a two-part series on local sourcing, QSR examines how this process can change the face of limited service—and the food system as a whole.

Instill your brand message in every customer touch point.

Mentoring provides quick-serve leaders a way to protect and shape the company’s future.

Study shows lower-calorie menu items drive traffic, sales.

Dawn Sweeney is tasked with helping nearly 1 million restaurants be more profitable. No pressure or anything.

Veteran Wienerschnitzel franchisee Paul Hironimus knows what it takes to keep the business fresh and profitable over the decades.

Panera Bread’s new marketing platform highlights the why, not the what.

How to get the most out of this year’s show.

The decision to add superfoods to the menu isn’t just a culinary consideration.

Paterson, New Jersey, location undergoes major brand overhaul.