Articles from the November 2012 issue

Craft beer options at quick service restaurants expand customer beverage choice.

Operators are finding that microbrews can add a local touch.

Melthouse Bistro takes the classic grilled cheese to a gourmet level.

Milwaukee-based Melthouse Bistro takes the classic grilled cheese to a whole new level.

Tablefields, a fast-casual concept from FATZ’s parent company, offers guests a q

A number of full-service eateries are trying their hand at fast casual.

How to fight back against data thieves.

Is a healthy fast-casual concept dreamed up by a couple of former McDonald’s executives the future of quick service?

The U.S. continues to be a melting pot of age, race, and status—and so does your consumer.

Female franchisees offer a wealth of opportunity for franchisors. Here’s how to cash in on all they have to offer

A commitment to collaboration ensures your leadership team moves forward together.

Smoothie King franchisee Rose Kuhnau lays out her strategy on how to turn a struggling unit into one of the brand’s best.

A new healthy-eating program aims to incentivize restaurants to provide healthier options.

Demographics have changed a lot since the early days of quick service—and so has the nature of the business.

A slow-to-recover economy means now may be operators’ best chance to renegotiate site leases.

Using beer and wine to develop proprietary beverages may find its way to a quick-serve setting.

It’s smart to follow industry trends, but don’t forget to add your own touch.

Remodeling restaurants in a franchised system is a tough sell and even tougher to execute, but the challenges are minimized for those who follow these guidelines.

Old-school diner chain uses frozen treats and premium burgers to spur award-winning growth.