Articles from the October 2011 issue

New takes on comfort foods like pastas are drawing customers.

Sauce and spice flourishes give a new spin to comfort foods.

Friendly customer service is a sure fire way to grow drive thru sales.

Tips to better the efficiency and experience in your lane today.

Fast casual veteran Phil Friedman purchased the Salsarita's restaurant chain.

The untold story of industry veteran Phil Friedman’s acquisition of Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina.

Naming dishes offers operators a chance to distinguish their concept from competitors from the beginning.

Online-video sites give operators a chance to engage their consumers and express their brand’s personality.

Even as they try to figure out how to be transparent about calories, quick serves might soon need to open up to consumers about their carbon footprints.

How to keep your heavy, medium, and light users coming back for more.

The noise made by the vocal majority sometimes drowns out what your customers are telling you they really want.

How putting a slight spin on satisfying comfort-food favorites can yield intriguing menu additions.

As quick-serve operators address the demand for healthier food choices, their CEOs are turning the health spotlight on their own employees.

Michigan-based soup and sandwich company is growing at a rate of 12 to 16 stores per year.

Crepe concept hopes to grow across the country by offering nontraditional units, international flare.

A Doc Popcorn franchisee pits potential employees against each other in a group interview process that leaves him hiring the cream of the crop.

Brand-building strategies change as a company progresses from the start-up phase to maturity.

How does your brand stack up to the seven best drive-thru chains in the nation?

The full methodology for the 2011 QSR Drive-Thru Performance Study comes from Insula Research.