Articles from the October 2014 issue

Quick service restaurant brands add nutritious items like kale to improve menus.

Customers say they want healthy, but think healthy is synonymous with tasteless. What is an operator to do?

Quick service restaurant concept Fresh to Order makes healthy fresh food.

As its name suggests, this Atlanta-based fast casual focuses on upscale menu items made to order for each guest

Quick service companies like Starbucks let customers use wireless charging stations.

Brands invest in wireless charging technology to boost traffic.

A look at pricing strategies that go beyond cost-plus and value-based pricing.

Demographic changes bolster snacking throughout the day.

How limited-service restaurant operations address the swings of a seasonal business.

Quick-serve brands rally employees around volunteer opportunities.

CEO of Smoothie King

Breakfast brands expand to lunch daypart to revive industry’s declining midday traffic.

Snacking is encroaching on traditional meal occasions. How should quick serves respond?

A breakdown of what makes a successful campaign, as seen through the lens of four quick-service marketing efforts.

Toppers franchisee Jon S. Crowe discusses how a father-son business dynamic contributes to growth.

The brainchild of renowned chef Thomas Salamunovich, this Colorado-based brand offers burgers with complex flavors.

Internal culture changes can revitalize quick-serve operations.

Burger brands put marketing twist on healthier items.

As more premium operators expand into drive thru, differentiating the experience is top of mind.

Get to know one of the most important demographics in the U.S.

Good-for-you snacks fuel busy lifestyles, blur traditional dayparts.

Operators are leaving dollars on the table by committing to cost-plus and value-based pricing.

How does your brand stack up against the drive-thru competition?

Amusement parks are a good opportunity for brands to get in front of a captive audience.

Panda Express parent company fuels innovation with fast-casual experiment.

This Houston-based fried chicken joint is the brainchild of James Beard award–winning chef Bradley Ogden.