Articles from the September 2010 issue

Sharon Olson's month-long diet of only fast food turned up some interesting insi

Sharon Olson, president of Olson Communications, tests her will and waistline in a month-long experiment in which she only eats food from the top quick serves in the nation.

Serving alcohol at quick serves can appeal to the casual-dining customer.

As casual-dining traffic counts fall, quick serves are positioning themselves for potential new diners.

Bob Cutler, CEO of Creative Consumer Concepts, believes a proposed kids' meal to

Bob Cutler, CEO of Creative Consumer Concepts, is speaking out against recent bans on toys in kids’ menus. He says this isn’t about business, it’s about basic rights.

Improving your customer experience might be the most effective way to market your concept.

There’s the old-school way to market your concept, then there’s George Green’s way. Find out how to get customers to do the legwork for you!

Carryout has always been an inherent part of the quick-service business. Some operators, however, are finding that catering is a better investment when trying to get their food out into the world.

Quick-serve operators must use finesse if they hope to benefit from a commercial lease negotiation.

Peter “the Time Man” Turla lets you in on how to avoid time wasters and make the best use of your time at multiple locations.

Strong ties between quick-service franchisors and franchisees are needed if a brand expects to climb out of the recession quickly.

Fresh off his success at Papa John’s, Dunkin’ Brands CEO Nigel Travis is taking Dunkin’ Donuts from a New England treat shop to an international coffee chain.

Consumer demand is growing for freshly baked bread, but advances in par-baked products are offering brands more options.

This year's biggest industry milestones and anniversaries.

West Coast bread concept is expanding its franchising efforts after pushing through the low carb craze.

San Francisco bread concept has grown to 13 units and $19 million in annual sales.

More quick-service CEOs are venturing into the blogosphere, and the potential benefits are vast. But experts say executives should know what they’re getting into.

A quick-serve brand’s national marketing team is important, but the local-store marketing programs are essential to driving traffic to stores.