Articles from the September 2014 issue

Quick service restaurant brands experiment with premium and artisanal pizza ingredients.

Pizza’s prevalence and popularity make continued experimentation possible and profitable.

Three tips for frozen-yogurt operators to survive market saturation.

Leveraging mobile platforms allows operators to make marketing quantifiable.

Fresh, upscale toppings spice up pizza offerings.

Increased minimum wages are a growing concern and unavoidable reality for many operators. Here’s what you can do about them.

This Southern fast-casual chicken chain draws in customers by emulating the South’s soulful vibe.

Founder & CEO of Freshii

Brand’s wellness education program serves students in needy neighborhoods.

Quick serves celebrate anniversary milestones with promotions, limited-time offers, and brand revamps.

Plant the seeds for word-of-mouth marketing by investing in people with clout in their local communities.

How to engage and retain seasonal employees to reduce turnover.

Fast-casual sandwich chain adapts to drive-thru operation.

As McDonald’s ramps up its corporate social responsibility efforts, it’s trying to figure out a way to put the 40-year-old Ronald McDonald House front and center.

Las Vegas–based concept puts a Hawaiian spin on made-to-order Mexican fare.

Not all mobile payment systems are made equal and not all may be right for small-scale quick-service restaurants.

New technology allows quick serves to improve supply chain traceability.

An El Pollo Loco franchisee talks about how his experience in real estate informed his growth as a quick-serve operator.

Roast beef chain Arby’s is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a major revitalization effort that gives the classic concept a fresh twist.

The mobile cart platform gives quick-serve brands an opportunity to go where the masses are.

Brands with a smaller footprint focus more on customer feedback.

In just five years, Luke’s Lobster has carved out an industry niche despite—or perhaps because of—its elevated price point and premium characteristics.

Lessen consumers’ sticker shock by tweaking the menu and marketing.