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Alex Dixon

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Pizza Hut Launches 'Everyman' Campaign

2017-07-24 In its new ad campaign, Pizza Hut created “The Everyman—a character that represent the desires of every man, woman and child in America—oven-hot pizza...

Pizza Hut Plans to Hire 3,000 Drivers Per Month

2017-07-18 In an effort to bring in roughly 14,000 new delivery drivers by the end of this year, Pizza Hut expects to hire nearly 3,000 new drivers per month.

Papa John’s Facebook Ordering Takes Flight

2017-07-17 Papa John’s customers can now order pizza while browsing social media.

Report Shows Industry Sales Improving (Slightly)

2017-07-14 While restaurant industry performance has been dismal for the past six quarters, June’s results provided a bit of good news.

Chipotle is Testing Queso in NYC

2017-07-11 Long avoided because of Chipotle’s stance on using industrial additives, added colors, flavors or preservatives, the fast casual brand is now testing ...

Qdoba Franchisees Band Together in 'Uncertain' Time

2017-06-30 Following a Jack in the Box announcement that it could potentially sell Qdoba, franchisees from the fast casual brand have formed an association to pr...

Activist Criticizes Potbelly: 'Nothing but Losses'

2017-06-29 An activist shareholder wants sandwich company Potbelly to either change its strategy or explore selling.

Pizza Hut Has Donated Over 100 Million Pounds of Food

2017-06-26 Pizza Hut has reached the 25th year of its Harvest program and surpassed 100 million pounds of food donated to feed those in need.

With Revamped Design, Pita Pit Prepares for Future Growth

2017-06-22 A new design rollout across several Pita Pit locations is helping the quick-service brand prepare for the future.

Will Trump Executive Order Boost Restaurant Jobs?

2017-06-15 A new executive order from the Trump administration—issued Thursday and intended to scale back regulations and increase grant amounts for apprenticesh...