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    Robin Hilmantel

  • Drive thru isn’t quite what it used to be. With new digital tools, operators are rethinking the way customers get their food to go.
    The pizza category is as competitive as ever, but Papa John’s isn’t crumbling under the pressure.
    Top QSR executives encourage healthy active lifestyles to best represent nutrition positions.
    Quick-serve brands talk a lot about health and nutrition these days. But these seven executives are actually practicing what they preach.
    How Shake Shack became the next great American brand.
    Being an independent operator requires more than cooking a good meal. Just look at a day in the lives of Buns’ co-owners.
    Stacy Perman, author of a new book about In-N-Out Burger, explains how a small, family-owned chain could beat giants like Burger King and McDonalds on per-store sales.
    Find out which type makes most sense for foodservice companies trying to save the planet—and their profit margins.