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    Amy Sung

  • Fast casual brands attract customers with alcoholic beverage programs
    Does the future of fast casual lie in alcohol?
    Buzz words like fresh, natural, sustainable, and local are popular in ads today.
    You see these buzzwords on menuboards, in advertisements, on food labels. But what do they really mean?
    Jason's Deli builds its company culture by hiring trustworthy employees.
    Trustworthy employees let operators breath easy when they’re not in the store. Here’s how to make sure you’re hiring those people.
    McDonald's supported the lunch daypart in its new Facebook ad campaign.
    McDonald's social media campaign nets up to four times its initial investment.
    Kids' meal purchases at Chipotle in August helped the Veggie U nonprofit.
    Brands combine ever-important healthy eating and philanthropic efforts.
    Subway's menu now features the American Heart Association's heart check.
    Third-party certifications, like Subway’s new Heart-Check mark, help extend brands’ health halos.