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    Denene Brox

  • Chicken wings are popping up on several fast food restaurant menus.
    Chicken wings are showing up on more quick-serve menus, and not just during football season.
    Lion's Choice offers its employees a range of benefits to improve morale.
    Quick-service jobs often get a bad rap. But some operators are using employee benefits to lure—and retain—top talent.
    Mama Fu's flex casual style combines quick and table service.
    More quick serves are entering the flex-casual market, attracting fast-casual customers by day and full-service diners by night.
    Boloco improved the welfare of animals used for its menu items, like burritos.
    As consumers become more interested in where their food comes from, quick serves are improving the humane treatment of their supply.
    Restaurant operators must always keep careful track of their food's origin.
    Finding trustworthy food suppliers is an ongoing job for operators looking for new or better products.
    Facebook ordering platforms take quick-serve food to the online masses.
    A growing number of quick serves are using the power and influence of social media to revolutionize online ordering.
    Even in a down economy, consumers expect quick serves to support a cause.
    Consumers expect foodservice businesses to take a stand and support a cause—even if business is hurting.
    Getting customers through a restaurant efficiently is crucial in a down economy.
    With sales down due to the recession, having an efficient throughput model is critical to retaining and even building business.
    Saladworks manages its long lines and maintains speed by keeping the maximum num
    The fast food industry is based on the principles of quality food served fast. So speed of service should never be axed in the streamlining process.
    Franchisors and franchisees must have a strong relationship to make their brand
    Strong ties between quick-service franchisors and franchisees are needed if a brand expects to climb out of the recession quickly.
    Biometrics technology is good for securing POS systems and time-clock management
    With biometric technology, savings and security for your restaurant are in your employees’ hands.