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    Jill Watral

  • QSR brands launch literacy programs to help young customers learn reading skills.
    Literacy programs bolster business and foster positive outcomes for future generations of quick-service customers.
    10 Reasons to Celebrate - This year's biggest industry milestones and anniversar
    This year's biggest industry milestones and anniversaries.
    According to design firm CEO Mike Brady, restaurants should make sure that the i
    The burger chain decided to make all its locations identical, but design firm CEO Mike Brady says that’s an out-dated strategy. Today’s consumers don’t want a cookie-cutter feel.
    Quick Serves can use multiple tactics to attracted super fans to their locations
    Are your customers willing to Tweet, travel, and be turbo-charged fans for your brand? If not, there are four things that can change that.
    Pei Wei takes a less intimidating and more affordable approach to sushi.
    Quick service chains share story of food supply sources and farms.
    Garden Fresh ambassadors interact with customers to share company’s supply story.
    Denny’s vice president of concept innovation Greg Powell offers tips for other brands making the switch from table service to on-the-go.
    Quick-Serves seek life-long patrons by positioning stores on college campuses.
    Quick serves find loyalty in the growing college crowd by opening on or near campuses.