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    Marilyn Odesser-Torpey

  • Quick serves can save money by scheduling employees more efficiently.
    Many operators are resorting to cutting employees’ hours to save on labor costs, but experts say there’s a better way.
    President Obama's health care reform bill is confusing quick serve operators.
    One year after President Obama signed health care reform into law, quick-serve operators are struggling to figure out what it means for them.
    Subway has partnered with several nonprofit organizations.
    Nonprofit organizations can bring strong assets, management, and leadership to a franchising relationship.
    Expanding fast food companies have several real estate options to choose from.
    Now that expansion is back on the radar for many quick serves, navigating the post-recession real estate market will take some finesse.
    Operators should double their social media efforts when opening a second unit.
    Jennifer Loeffel, president of Internet marketing firm New Media Socialite, explains how an operator can maximize his social media presence when he opens his second store.
    Operators opening a second unit must start over when negotiating a lease.
    Negotiating a lease for a second location is like planning for a second marriage: The ground rules are similar, but you’re still starting all over. Attorney Randall Airst offers some tips to help protect your interests.
    Operators opening a second location might want to add a drive thru to expand the
    Opening a location with a drive thru presents a new set of challenges. Architecture expert John Miologos helps you open your new window of opportunity.
    A South Korean treat is ready to become an American favorite.